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Brand Identity — February 19, 2021

Brand Authenticity in Web Design: Creating the Perfect Brand Story

Authenticity when it comes to brand persona is essential. Your brand culture will embody the core values of your business, and it’s imperative to remain consistent and authentic throughout. Not only should your web design encompass your brand. But, it’s typically the first impression you’ll give your website visitors and social media followers.  Your business […]

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Brand Identity — February 5, 2021

Tips to Match Your Content Marketing with Your Website Design

Content marketing is the main way we obtain customers. Why is it so successful? Instead of explicitly promoting a brand, it organically stimulates a customer’s interest in whatever you may be selling via online resources they already visit like videos, social media posts, and blogs. When customers find this content, their interest is piqued and […]

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Brand Identity · Ecommerce — January 29, 2021

Top 5 Design Principles Behind High Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages are where potential customers end up after clicking a hyperlink. Whether it is through a search engine or on another website. Home pages are the most common type of landing page and can easily be optimised to turn clicks into sells. How? By optimising your landing pages into a valuable sales tool. Whether […]