Brand Identity

How we find clarity through Brand Discovery

The term ‘discovery’ can sound mystical and vague when it comes to brand identity and design. As it’s an essential part of our design process so let us clear up the confusion!

Nick Marden
Nick MardenNovember 4, 2019

From an outside perspective, the design process can seem a little over the top. When creating a new brand (or refreshing an existing one), don’t you just need to make the thing? In short, no. While anyone can create a great looking logo, we take the time to analyse your business to create something that is strategic and goal-driven. Brand discovery gives us insight into your business so that the brands we create serve your customers perfectly.

Here’s how we run brand discovery

It all starts with a Brand Questionnaire. Yep, you guessed it- we give you some homework. This is the best way for us to hear the ins and outs of your business directly from you. We’ll learn about how your business works, who your target customer is, your competition and where your business going. Having all this info under our belts lets us understand exactly what your brand identity needs to achieve. This empowers us to infuse all your brand and design touchpoints with the strategy you need to succeed. We examine the big picture and the details so we can ensure your visuals are inline with your business’ goals.

From this, we move into establishing a Brand Essence. Taking your questionnaire responses, we summarise your business into a simple statement alongside adjectives that describe your business. Having this statement provides grounding for the whole branding project and we often refer back to it throughout process. Having a brand essence also helps avoid ‘shiny object syndrome’- when we start creating designs, it keeps everyone on track.

Alongside our brand essence, we present a range of Moodboards of potential concepts and directions we could take the identity. It’s here you’ll see our ‘visual’ brand discovery- examples of design and elements we’ve researched and collected from online. Moodboards drive the next phase of the design process- once you select a direction, we create the first draft or your new branding.

While it can seem contrived to have so many steps in the branding process, it’s essential for creating a functional brand that will empower your business for years to come. Spending more time in the early stages helps eliminate back-and-forth down the line and helps us create a brand you’ll be obsessed with.

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