Brand Identity

Why brand consistency should be front of mind

You may hear a lot of talk about creating brand consistency, but what does it actually mean for your business?

Nick Marden
Nick MardenDecember 2, 2019

As we outlined in our last article, a cohesive visual brand identity helps convey the intangible parts of a business. This refers to the values, personality and goals that differentiate one company from another. Strong brand consistency sees every part of the brand identity working hard to represent what the business stands for in a unified way.

Why should I be concerned about brand consistency in my business?

By taking care to align your brand with consistent visuals, it makes your business feel more dependable. It takes time for consumers to go from being aware of your business to remembering it (and even longer for them to consider purchasing). A consistent brand approach gets you in front of your audience multiple times and proves you’re a credible option. This leads to brand recognition- once your potential consumer starts to recognise your brand, they’ll know to come to business when they’re ready.

Strong brand consistency ensures your audience can see diverse collateral (eg. an Instagram post or newsletter message) and immediately know that it came from your business. If you share lifestyle images of soft pastels but use fluorescent typography on your website, your audience may struggle to recognise you as the same brand.

Consistency doesn’t need to be boring. By ensuring your brand identity is multi-dimensional and has flexible applications, you’re freed up to try new things. Elements such as quirky copy accompanied by a consistent visual approach are often unexpected and more memorable by your audience.

How do I maintain brand consistency in my business?

Here at Strong Digital, a visual identity style guide is an essential element in any of our branding projects. This document outlines the technical elements of your brand identity such as colour and typography and details how everything should come together. Referencing this document when creating content ensures that all the visuals are actively contributing to your brand.

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