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5 strategies for your ecommerce re-marketing

If you are struggling with creativity for your brands advertisements, here are 5 re-marketing strategies you can use.

Nick Marden
Nick MardenDecember 11, 2020

Here we are going to discuss re-marketing e-commerce websites. Re-marketing is a publicity strategy that presents your brands advertisements and announcements to users who have already viewed your site. The use of promotional tactics encourage your users to visit and purchase from your site. Keeping them as remaining customers post-purchase. The use of marketing strategies can be used to drive brand awareness on and off your website. As well as drive more sales to specific products. Here are some ecommerce re-marketing strategies you might like to implement on your personal site include:

Target the buyers 

While most of the time re-marketing is seen to be dedicated to new customers. Ecommerce re-marketing strategies can also include ways to relate to existing customers and make them feel valued. For example, implementing loyalty programs or offering discounts to returning customers can help to improve your sales and your overall brand identity. You can also target those who have visited your returns and shipping page. This is because these customers are seriously considering purchasing from your site. Another way to target your buys and drive sales is incorporating the element of personalisation within your site. This can be done through using customers behavioural data such as their previous actions and preferences. Personalisation is important as sales can increase up to 10% or greater, which may not be much to begin with, however, will benefit your brand overtime.

Push notifications 

One way to get your existing buyers’ attention is through push notifications. Once your customer clicks “allow” for these notifications, important messages will appear on the top-right corner of their computer screen. Ultimately, enticing them to look at your site. Using a small logo can make this seamless and tidier, making it easy for customers to understand what is happening.

Upselling your Products 

Upselling products can be a great way to approach your existing customers and tempt them into purchasing something more premium than what they originally considered. An example of upselling is “supersizing”, which is ultimately more effective than securing a new client. When upselling your products, ensure you customers are aware the premium products are available. Be sure to include evidence as to why the upgrade is necessary.

To do this the two main considerations include:

  1. Make sure your upsells are related to the original product
  2. Ensure sensitivity to the price range of your customers

If you want to be confident when upselling to your customers, ensure the product is a noticeably better fit then the original. As this will help justify the larger expense.

Integrate other social media sites 

Another re-marketing strategy is to use other influential social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. This is because Instagram has over 500million daily users and is one of the fastest growing apps. In comparison, Facebook is also another grate tool as it still remains a feasible platform for ecommerce marketing. No matter what site you use, if you take quality images, use hashtags strategically and engage with your followers you will build a large social profile in no time. Here you can read more information on social media sites which best suit your business.

Capture more email subscribers through improving email campaigns 

Email marketing is a great way to drive your sales and increase traffic through your site. However, if not done correctly can ultimately hinder your brand appearance. So, to capture more email subscribers, you need to ensure your email campaigns are improving and constantly developing. Studies show that approximately 24% of email marketing contributes to creating revenue.

Therefore, advertising through email can also allow your customers to go back and look at the campaign multiple times. And provides you with enough space to include all necessary information as well as additional information unlike social media posts. When first introducing email marketing, a good place to start is promoting your brands newsletter and blog. It is also important once you start email marketing to continue each month and regularly so your customers are constantly updated and aware of your brands actions and plans.

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