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About Us

We’re designers, developers and creatives; banded together as a boutique collective. Digital doers, we build gorgeous websites which amplify authenticity.

We speak fluent human and don’t muddy sense with tech-talk. We’re all about the complex stuff, so your presence is effortless; refining details to future-proof your brand. We thrive on collaboration, so let’s do great digital.

Web Design in Brisbane, outside our web design agency

Meet our team

A small boutique team. Because each of us is across everything, we’re 100% focused on the outcome. A studious studio, we continue to sharpen our skills to keep pace with industry shifts. We run a fun ship and work with fire in our bellies.

Nick Marden, Director Strong Digital Web Design Studio

Nick Marden


Anthony Martin from Strong Digital

Anthony Martin


Tyson Ross - Web developer

Tyson Ross


Ash Hockings from Strong Digital

Ash Hockings

Digital Design Assistant

Laura Richter, Creative Lead Brisbane Web Design

Laura Richter

Brand & Design Consultant

Our Strong Values

We have an internal compass that keeps us on the right track. To ensure we produce the best possible experience and outcomes for you, these are the things that pull us to our sweet spot.

Do it Right

We don’t cut corners. Committed to quality products, rather than band-aid solutions, we put our energy where your growth opportunities are. If it’s not done right, we’re not finished.

No Bullshit

We’re human, and you are too. That’s why we don’t do ‘agency’ speak; we talk plainly, minus the jargon and technical fluff. We get to the point without all the distractions.


Does it make sense? We ask this question of everything we do. Does it sound right? Is it logical to be where it is? Do we need this feature? Making sense is core to our thinking.

Flashy Farce

Fancy Isn’t Always Better. Just because a site has all the bells and whistles doesn’t make it more effective. The simple truth is – better is better, and that’s what we aim for.

Find the service to suit

Why work with us

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We’ve got zeal for what we do and create our best work with a clear purpose and great coffee. Our happy place is partnering with like-minded, big thinkers who are open to evolving. If you see the long-term value in what we bring to the table, let’s take a big digital bite.