About Us

We are passionate about helping businesses grow.

We are designers, developers and creatives with a love for good old fashioned digital. We thrive on collaboration and strong personal relationships with our clients to craft 100% genuine, handmade, artisan goodness.

We help our clients by fully harnessing the potential of their websites.

Web Design in Brisbane, outside our web design agency

We are Strong Digital.

Nick Marden


Laura Richter

Creative Lead

Tyson Ross - Web developer

Tyson Ross


We value..

Doing the right thing

We don’t cut corners. We always ensure that we do the right thing.

Not speaking mumbo jumbo

We’re human, and you are too – we should speak to you that way. We always try to use plain speak and avoid jargon and technical terms. 

Being here for the long haul

We believe in building great relationships with our clients, and supporting them well into the future.

Keeping it simple

The simplest solution is quite often the best solution, we don’t overcomplicate things and keep it simple.

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Driven by quality

Our clients are driven by quality. They care deeply about the products they sell and the services they provide. This artisan approach is what makes Strong Digital a good fit. Just like our clients, quality is our top priority.

We work best by finding the right partners to work with – people who pride themselves on their own quality of work, those who value good design, those that enjoy an outsiders perspective, those that value our input and expertise – and importantly, they are nice, genuine people.