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The power of a great website to communicate your brand

Everyone knows a website is the key touchpoint your target market encounters.

Nick Marden
Nick MardenDecember 9, 2019

As we’ve already established that a brand is more than a logo here, let’s go over how a website is the perfect way to communicate your brand and educate your audience.

A website is where everything converges- your brand identity communicates who you are while content speaks directly to your audience. All the stars align and in your customers’ eyes, your business is perfectly equipped to solve their problems.

A website is your hardest-working marketing channel

Your website works 24/7 to promote your business, educate your audience and clarify questions before a customer inquires with you. While social media channels are great for showcasing brand personality, your website gives the opportunity to sell your business harder. Think about it- sales-focused copy that champions your brand can feel overdone on social media but a website is your home turf. You’re free to emphasise how great/ unique/ specialised your business is without feeling self-indulgent. On social media, we’re offered a limited amount of control (as we need to play by the rules of the platform) but your website is perfectly equipped to deliver your brand message.

You’re giving your audience the whole story

Your website’s About page is the perfect platform for communicating your brand story. Your origins, why you started your business and who you work with can be purposely directed towards your audience. A website’s About page is consistently one of the most visited and helps your customers see the benefits of working with you over you competitors.

A well-planned website encourages your user to take direct action

Having a strategically planned website enables you to easily summarise what you do and structure a clear user journey. For example, your website may be information-heavy and dense but with the right planning and approach, you’ll be able to present information in a digestible way that doesn’t overwealm your user. Having clear information for the right audience helps screen out those who aren’t an ideal match or collaborator before you begin work.

Your website can also be designed to encourage visitors to sign up or opt in to a particular offer through clear CTA’s and a considered structure. This is a great way to capture leads and is much easier to control when compared to social media- you’re able to make a sale on the spot or continue to ‘warm up’ leads over time.

This brings a close to our Strong Series looking at all things brand- thanks for tuning in! If you’re feeling like your brand identity or website don’t match your brand vision, get in touch now.