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Social Media mistakes you’re making (and how to fix them)

Knowing where to start with your business’ social media accounts can be overwhelming. We totally get the ‘done is better than perfect’ mentality. Before you know it, you’re in the habit of less than perfect social media practices that aren’t working hard for your business.

Nick Marden
Nick MardenOctober 14, 2019

Here’s our rundown of the key social media mistakes you might be making and tips on how you can fix them!

Over-automation and not being Human

While scheduling content can be a godsend to businesses, it can have the opposite effect on your audience. Social media fosters brand loyalty with your customer but audiences are hyper-aware when it comes to sales-heavy messaging. If you continuously sell AT your audience, it can put a wall between your business and your target market.

How to fix: Promptly respond to any engagement that appears on your accounts (even if you posted it a long time ago). Provide your audience with genuine value by educating them on relevant issues. Sharing timely, brand-relevant content to your accounts helps break-up the feeling of too many pushy brand-centric posts.

Social Media as an all-encompassing marketing solution

A great social presence works best when it’s supported by a marketing plan and thoughtful strategy. Social media shouldn’t be your only marketing outcome and should be an avenue used to support your other marketing activities. Avoid putting all your efforts into social followings- you aren’t in control of each platform and changes to algorithms are out of your hands.

How to fix: Use social media platforms to support what you can control- your website, blog and email list. While you can gain momentum on your socials try to drive traffic to your website so that your business goals happen on your own turf.

Forcing tenuous connections to current events

We’ve all seen big businesses attach their products or brand messaging to timely world events. Think of the growth in advertising around grand finals, major holidays and news scandals. When successful, your brand is positively associated with causes people are passionate about. If the brand is only tenuously linked your audience will be confused and view your posts as forceful blatant self-promotion.

How to fix: Before jumping on a current event, ask yourself the following questions-

  • Is my brand or product relevant to this event?
  • Am I giving something valuable or fun to my followers?
  • Is the event suitable for aggressive tie-ins?
    Events like sporting finals have a history of brand tie-ins and are seen as light and funny (as opposed to a tragedy or disaster, for example).

If you answered yes to all, dive right in!

Working without a Social Media Strategy

Don’t fall into the pattern of building a community and launching your business or product hard to only disappear shortly after. Social media can be a time-consuming pursuit with no guaranteed return. Creating a plan based around your goals and available time gives your business the best chance of consistently creating content.

How to fix: Get yourself a plan together! Set time aside to plan content before, during AND after launching a social media presence to ensure the best possible response from your audience.

Fallen into any of these Social Media traps or need some guidance with strategy? Let us help you get back on track.