Social Media

How to enhance your business’ social presence

Social media and it’s ever-growing usership isn’t going anywhere. It’s time your business started to leverage and take advantage of it!

Nick Marden
Nick MardenOctober 7, 2019

From building brand awareness to increasing traffic to your website, social media is an inescapable ingredient in a strong online presence. While each platform has different needs, here are our general tips for getting your business started on social media:

Use an Active Voice

The tone of your communications should be concise and clearly highlight the benefits of your business. Be mindful of appearing sales-y by keeping communication light and direct your audience to informative hubs (like your website) for more technical information.

Recycle your content

The number of businesses on social media means content can get buried before your audience comes across it. Look at creating multiple posts about the same content (for example, blog articles) to maximise the visibility and impact from a singular piece of content.

Use an Active Voice

It’s more valuable to have a small, engaged audience than a huge number of followers who don’t care about your brand. Never buy followers or likes- you risk your account being disabled and your audience will see right through it.

Complete any profile descriptions

Crafting different bios for each platform enables unique audiences to get the best possible overview of your business. Think about the types of people on each platform, the hashtags as well as the tone of voice used by your followers.

Be Authentic

In a crowded social-media landscape, businesses that show they are honest and genuine are extremely appealing. Communicate this in the tone of your interactions and by posting behind-the-scenes content of your business. Instagram stories are a great place to showcase what your business is doing and (unless you save it) your content is temporary.

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