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What is a brand moodboard and why is it essential?

A core part of our brand identity process, we roll you through what a moodboard is and how it can ensure the best possible result for your business.

Nick Marden
Nick MardenSeptember 23, 2019

Many of our clients come to us with no idea what a moodboard is or what its role is in the branding process. Let’s run you through it!

Image Of Two Moodboards, Side By Side. One Is Warm And Earth Toned While The Other Is Brighter
Two moodboards from a recent brand identity project

So, what’s a Moodboard?

A moodboard is a curated collection of images including textures, colours, typography, illustration or patterns. We create moodboards to ensure both the client (you!) and designer (us!) are on the same page. By putting these visual elements together, a cohesive theme starts to emerge that directs the ~vibe~ the visual identity takes.

And why do we love them?

They get everyone on the same page

As design can be subjective, a moodboard makes sure that the client and designers visions align. By this we mean that the ‘clean, sophisticated and minimal’ brand of your dreams aligns with our visual interpretation of ‘clean, sophisticated and minimal’. Describing design elements can be tricky but by using images, it’s much easier to meet in the middle and ensure everyone’s visions are aligned.

They help to create keep some distance from tiny design details

When working on a brand identity for your own business it can sometimes feel overwhelming and hard to get it ‘just right’. We understand your business is your baby and everything needs to be perfect! By working with moodboards, it helps us stay on track and have the target market at the core of all decision making. We’re able to look past our personal aesthetic preferences and help us to remember to look from the perspective of your user or customer.

They streamline the entire design process

When we start the branding process, we usually create several varied moodboards for themes and directions we could take. When you choose your preferred approach, we greatly narrow the scope for brand development before too much work has commenced. This saves us time (and you dollars!) by reducing the amount of guesswork we need to do. Rather than creating a heap of kind-of-right logos, we can funnel our energy into creating the most strategic, perfect logo. Moodboards are not just a handy tool in establishing the look and feel for your brand- they continue to be valuable throughout the design process. They give us a benchmark to check in with as we start to draft designs and collateral and ensure we stay on track with the goals you establish for your business.

Want to see our mad moodboard skills in action? Get in touch with us to find out how we can transform your brand identity.