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How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase website traffic, it’s time to start taking advantage of social media!

Lee Rutten
Lee RuttenAugust 17, 2023

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase website traffic, it’s time to start taking advantage of social media! Social media is an essential medium that connects potential customers with your brand. Think of it as a magic bridge that effortlessly connects eager potential customers with the captivating world of your brand.  You should not only be present on social media platforms but also promote the content from your website. Rather than making this seem like a daunting task, we’ll reveal tricks of the trade and uncover how you can use social media to maximise website traffic and keep customers coming back for more! 

Social media can be a powerful tool at each phase of the customer purchasing journey: Awareness, Consideration, Purchase and Post-Purchase.  Throughout every aspect of purchasing journey, social media emerges as the legendary sword that you can wield at every turn.


The opening act! Treat social media as a bustling marketplace where you present a glimpse of what your brand has to offer. Share valuable insights about your product or service, intriguing potential customers and encouraging them to learn more.

Consider timing as your spotlight; posting when your audience is most active ensures that your message makes maximum impact.

How to use social media to attract website visitors in the awareness stage:

  • Hashtags! The modern-day magic spells. Sprinkle them generously across your posts, but remember, quality over quantity so keep them relevant. 
  • Contests & Giveaways, because who doesn’t love freebies? Host contests and giveaways that require people to visit your website for a chance to win. 
  • Need that extra push? Try your hand at boosting top-performing posts or run a paid campaign with your website as the link to click through. 


As your audience gracefully steps into the consideration phase, it’s time to reveal a bit more of the masterpiece. Think of social media as a window into the heart of your brand. Showcase your products in action or offer a sneak peek behind the scenes. Hosting live streams is like extending a friendly hand, allowing you to interact with potential customers in real time. Embrace user-generated content and testimonials like cherished keepsakes, building a foundation of trust and credibility.

How to use social media to attract website visitors in the consideration stage:

  • Turn your customers into your biggest cheerleaders. Share user-generated content (UGC) and testimonials – it’s like the digital version of proudly displaying your artwork in a fancy gallery.
  • Slide into DMs (nicely). Engage with your audience personally. Respond to comments, answer messages, and be as charming as a smooth-talking bard. This personal touch can turn curious visitors into loyal customers.
  • Enlightening Comparisons. Craft content that tastefully contrasts your offerings with those of competitors, shedding light on your distinct strengths and addressing any common queries customers might have.


Now, the spotlight shifts to the pivotal moment of purchase. Your carefully crafted social media contests and giveaways serve as a guide, leading customers straight to your digital doorstep. The allure of a prize adds a touch of excitement, encouraging engagement and participation. Your website stands as a virtual storefront, offering a seamless and convenient way for customers to fulfill their desires. Links thoughtfully embedded within your social media content pave the way, ensuring a smooth journey from interest to action.

How to use social media to attract website visitors in the consideration stage:

  • Post offers that are too good to be true. They can be limited-time offers, special promotions, and enticing discounts exclusively through your social media platforms. Create a sense of urgency, nudging potential customers to take immediate action.
  • Strengthen your community connection. UGC is a great way to showcase your products unique features. But here, go one step further by highlighting the unique experiences and connections customers have with your product.
  • Optimise your channels for a seamless shopping experience. Enhance the shopping journey by using shopping features on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This allows users to make purchases directly from your posts, streamlining the process.

Post-Purchase Evaluation

But the journey continues beyond the purchase – welcome to the “Post-Purchase Evaluation” phase. Here, your role transforms into that of a trusted guide, providing support and insight. Engaging with customers through comments, messages, and personalised interactions fosters a sense of community. Imagine these interactions as the threads that weave a tapestry of loyalty, encouraging customers to return for future experiences. The connections you build on social media have the power to create lasting relationships, ensuring that your brand remains an integral part of their journey.

How to use social media to attract website visitors in the post-purchase evaluation stage:

  • Post-Purchase Appreciation. Highlight the tangible impact of their purchase on your business, making them feel like valued contributors to your success.
  • Insights through Interaction. Gather valuable insights from their experiences, enabling you to refine and enhance your offerings based on their input.
  • Let them know about your other unique products and/or services! Now that they’ve had the chance to experience how awesome your brand is, keep them coming back for more by letting them know there’s more where that came from!

And there you have it, a roadmap to harness the powers of social media at every twist and turn of the customer’s purchasing journey. From captivating audiences during the Awareness stage to creating lasting connections in the post-purchase evaluation phase, social media proves it’s a tool to reckoned with. Remember, this isn’t just a digital adventure; it’s a tool to build trust, community, and loyalty. Your social media platforms are more than mere pages – they are gateways to your brand’s universe, where every post, comment, and interaction is a stroke on the canvas of your story.