How to boost your ecommerce sales?

Having a world pandemic can really rock your businesses sales, here are some tips to boost your businesses ecommerce sales.

Nick Marden
Nick MardenNovember 13, 2020

During the current uncertain times we recognise it is more difficult than ever to increase your businesses sales. Below are five tips to boost your ecommerce sales.

1. Paid Traffic

If executed properly, paid traffic can be a great way to generate sales quickly for your business. Of course, this may not work straight away so make sure you only spend a minimum amount in the beginning. It’s also best to have multiple advertisements with variations of each. As this can help you understand what type of campaign works best for your brand.

2. Improve your trust within your funnel

Firstly, a funnel can be understood as your customer’s journey from when they first become aware of your brand to making their purchase. To ultimately boost your business sales you need to build trust within your funnel. Some examples of boosting trust can include, incorporating reviews on your product page. As 77% of people check online reviews before making a purchase. As well as installing a ‘live chat’ option. Research has shown 79% of people prefer a live chat option, allowing them to receive answers more quickly. Both of these examples increase your brand’s credibility and reliability for your customers.

3. People tend to not make a purchase if the checkout process is complicated

Ensure your ecommerce site has a simple and seamless checkout process to boost your sales. Including a “guest” option on your checkout page is more straightforward for your customer. Ultimately, making the process easier to completed. Another way to make your checkout process seamless is reducing the amount of form fields customers need to fill in.

4. Use email marketing

When using email marketing, you first have to make sure you have a list of contacts. If you do not already have a list, you will need to focus on creating this. This can be easily done by providing a discount for customers who sign up. To increase your sales through email marketing, create a giveaway of your products to those on your list. After customers put their name in the draw to win, this can entice them to look through your site to find the product you are giving away. Ultimately, increasing your traffic flow through your site. Your contacts can also forward the email to their friends who will then be tempted to also sing up.

5. Showcasing your products

This may seem obvious, however is extremely important when boosting your sales. This is because if your products are not displayed professionally they will not be seen as good quality or worth spending money on. You can upgrade your products by taking professional pictures. Ensure your product has an appropriate background, typically a plain white background works best as well as good lighting. Videos are another great way to represent your product. This helps to showcase the product dimensions as well as various angles. Importing the product descriptions will also increase sales. Because, having a simple description will allow your customers to quickly scan the words, but still understand the main features. This is more efficient and less tiresome for your customer.

Current effects COVID-19 has on online shopping and ecommerce sales

Although restrictions have eased, and businesses can begin to increase sales again. There are many consequences for both online and brick and  mortar stores. This is because during an uncontrollable crisis like COVID-19, humans tend to respond in different ways and do anything they can to gain control back.

With social distancing standards reshaping consumer behaviour, there has been a natural decrease in brick and mortar shopping. While some ecommerce sites have had major increases in sales, across the board ecommerce sales have also dropped off. Some areas which have benefitted from this pandemic include:

  • Subscription television being 11% higher than usual
  • Video games and apps being 53% above normal
  • 57% increase of furniture and office equipment

In comparison to all these increases, there has been a sharp decrease in road toll expenses and taxis/ride share services. As well as cafés and restaurants have suffered enormously during this time. However, have managed to continue some turnover with takeaway sales. As a business owner and with the growing uncertainty, it’s important to support your customers’ needs as well as your own. With the economy spending 14% lower than usual it’s imperative to stay flexible and ready to respond to what happens next.

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