Welcome to our first blog article

Say hello to Strong Digital, your local creative studio. With the launch of our brand new website, we thought it was about time to introduce ourselves to the world.

Nick Marden
Nick MardenAugust 20, 2019

Who the heck are we? It all started when our head honcho Nick had an ‘ah ha’ moment and decided to combine his honest, strategic approach with well-crafted websites. Fast-forward almost three years and Strong Digital has grown into a small team offering awesome creative and a dedication to consuming all the food our Bakery Lane location has to offer.

Things we love

Burger Icon For Ben'S Burgers Brisbane

Burgers from Ben’s Burgers

Coffee Cup Icon For The New Black Brisbane

Coffee from The New Black

Cake Icon For Cakes And Shit, Brisbane

Anything from Cakes & Shit

We take our brand inspiration from the traditional circus strongman (known in the office as Claude) to represent our disruptive approach; we reject the narrative and thrive on innovation while keeping things real and paying attention to the finer details.

Strong Digital has crafted a place for designers, developers and creatives to team up and handcraft unique digital experiences. We combine our skills in design, development, digital marketing and content creation to create holistic creative solutions that inspire and delight.

We’re here for businesses big and small who want to make a difference. We can’t wait for what the future holds for us, and for you.

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