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5 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Build Your Next Website

We aren’t your run of the mill web developers that care more about the quantity of clients but rather we focus on the quality of our clients. Here’s what we look for before starting a project.

Nick Marden
Nick MardenSeptember 16, 2021

Since our inception in 2016, we at Strong Digital have been fortunate enough to work with an incredible array of clientele by building truly fantastic, boutique websites that amplify authenticity. We understand though that not everyone is suited to our values and refined processes which is why we wanted to highlight a few reasons why perhaps we shouldn’t build your next website.

  1. We’re Too Expensive

With a website build starting from $7,500 to upwards of $25,000, we know that we can be an expensive investment. Our websites are more on the pricey side for a variety of reasons.

• Skillfully Handcrafted

Each of our websites starts with a fresh foundation. We don’t use the skeleton of other pre-existing websites as this may create problems down the track and negates the unique aspect that we aim to build into each of our client projects. A standout website design occurs when all elements are skilfully combined to produce an exceptional online experience.

  • No Shortcuts

Our meticulous team of professional web developers follow strict guidelines that ensures every step of a website’s development is thoroughly scrutinized to prevent future issues.  We don’t use plugins unnecessarily to perform simple functions – reducing points of failure and helping create a stronger and more robust website platform. This is one of the reasons why we build custom and bespoke designs, so that you know your foundations are strong and functional.

  • Future Proofed

Each one of our bespoke websites are designed in such a way that they can grow fluidly with your business and will not anchor you down if you mature too quickly. Agility is a huge aspect when it comes to our site building mantra as we believe websites should be dynamic and future-proofed so that you can grow freely without worrying about your digital asset not being able to keep up.

  • Processing

Our three D’s to website building is our failproof way of guaranteeing we deliver each and every website to a client’s specification.

Discovery & Strategy – Here we learn what it is you are trying to achieve with your project and formulate a strategy where we can deliver on the exact website you are envisioning. This stage results in an understanding of your sitemap, website goals and user flow diagram.

Design – Once we have solidified a strategy, we develop a comprehensive design that is driven by user experience. The stage results in website wireframes, mobile friendly designs and a uniquely

designed website.

Development & Launch – Once the design has been approved, we then delve into creating a quality, responsive website ready for launch. This stage results in a quality website build, website launch and website training.

As you can see, building an extraordinary website is a time-consuming process. We at Strong have no problem with this as we want to deliver a final product that is going to take your business to new heights. This unfortunately results in us being more costly as we have a team of professionals that are constantly combing through every stage of the project, ensuring a flawless, high performing website. 

2. You Don’t Want to Put In The Work

Much like building a house or planning a wedding, involvement from both parties is crucial if the final result is going to be impeccable. If you are under the impression that you are not going to be involved in the process, then we can assure you that we definitely aren’t the developers for you.

A big part of our ethos is incorporating the client throughout the entire build phase as we believe communication is key in the success of a project.

From our first meeting ascertaining what it is you are after in a new website, to each of our three D’s stages and the final handover, you as the customer will be an integral part in the journey.

3. You Want a Website ASAP

We are meticulous in nature with perfection being our fundamental goal for each and every project. This means that we spend a great deal of time undertaking a website build – between 6-11 weeks – as this allows us to work through our strict processes and ensure that we are delivering a website that you are going to love from day one. Our three D’s to website building is roughly split as follows;

Discovery & Strategy – 1-2 Weeks

Design – 2-4 Weeks

Development & Launch – 3-5 Weeks

We will not rush a website as the time taken to build it is directly related to our meticulous process guidelines that we follow religiously.

4. You Only Expect A ‘Yes’ Developer

With over 50 years of combined web developer knowledge, our small team of experts know a thing or two about successful website building. If you are after an agency that is going to do things exactly as you want, then unfortunately you aren’t the client for us. We appreciate enthusiasm and ‘out of the box’ ideas and will strive to make your dream website a reality but sometimes there are ideas that we know just will not work and will be detrimental to your success.

At the end of the day our goal is to deliver an exceptional website that performs at a high level, converts customers and integrates seamlessly with search engines to drive traffic to your site. If we think anything will get in the way of that, we need you to trust us and allow us to do what we do best.

5. You Want to Kick Back & Relax

Involving the client throughout the building process is an important part of our project journey. As our processes involve several steps, we need clients every bit of the way to ensure that they are happy and approve each stage before we can move on. Those that decide to sit back and relax will only slow the process down as we will never transition to the next stage without client approval.

The same can be said for when we deliver a completed website. We have experienced clients who think now that their beautiful new website is live, business will start flocking in and they won’t have to lift a finger. This fallacy is where we have seen promising businesses fail as clients often forget that a website needs constant upkeep to remain relevant and performing at a high level. Things like SEO, marketing collateral, new product/service offerings and marketing strategy all directly flow through your website. For your website and business to have every chance of success, clients need to be proactive and invested in their new digital asset.

We want to make sure that our clients understand that we take this business very seriously and that each client that we bring on is handpicked based on their willingness to work with us as well as our confidence in knowing that we can deliver a high performing website that is going to create results.

If you think each of these five reasons doesn’t apply to you then great! We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your dream website. Get in contact with us today, we’re all ears (and eyes!).