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Tips to Improve Website Conversions

Needing help to stay current and competitive in the world of social media? Here are some tips and tricks to help your ecommerce brand stand out amongst others.

Nick Marden
Nick MardenFebruary 26, 2021

The way people shop is rapidly changing. Technology and Covid 19 has changed the shopping behaviours of many people. There has been a dramatic increase in complexity and competition. It can often seem that getting more conversions is next to impossible. But the good news, with preparation and strategy, increasing website conversions and growing your business is totally achievable.

Today, we will go over ways to boost your ecommerce conversion rate.

Add Reviews or Testimonials to Your Website

Trust is one of the main factors that drive conversions. One way to quickly establish trust between you and potential customers is to provide social proof. Research supports the power of social proof, studies show that testimonials can increase conversions by 34%

Don’t limit yourself to including reviews and testimonials on your website. They can also be useful on conversion-intended mediums like marketing emails, event registration landing pages, and your social media pages. 

Here are a few ways to collect and use positive reviews:

  • Encourage customers to leave reviews and comments on your social media pages
  • The use of before and after photos or videos, can showcase your work
  • Use keyword alerts to see what people are saying about your business 
  • Always respond to both positive and negative reviews. Remember you can turn a negative review into a positive by the way you respond
  • We also recommend utilising Google Reviews for customer reviews.

Create a Human Connection

Often people invest in brands they can personally connect with. Consumers have become pretty savvy, they can generally sniff out when a brand is trying to advertise or sell them something. 

Communicating in a personal and authentic way helps to create a connection. This is why it’s important to establish your brand’s voice and personality. Your marketing should create conversations and not feel like marketing. 

Have a think about the ways you interact with your audience. Do you ask questions and engage with your social media followers? Is your communication style conversational?

Here are some simple ways to make a connection with your audience:

  • Use wit and humour in your messaging 
  • Be conversational casual (yet professional)
  • Use video to create a face-to-face interaction

Improve Your Website 

Nothing runs off potential customers more than a confusing or slow website. A Google study found that consumers decide if a website is complicated or simple in just half a second. First impressions do count when it comes to your website. 

Choosing simplified and more streamlined web designs will make a difference. 

More people will be driven away from your website if it isn’t easy to navigate or if visitors can’t find what they need, they will quickly shop elsewhere. 

Pop-ups are another hindrance to website visitors. Although some marketers swear by them, research proves that visitors detest pop-ups, especially those that appear within the first few moments of them visiting your website.  

It is most important to eliminate any barriers, especially those that deter customers from purchasing from you. Simplify your website navigation for visitors to promptly and easily locate what they came for. 

Here are additional tips for simplifying your website:

  • Structure your website menu in a logical way
  • Limit web banners and large images.
  • Include only one call-to-action- per page.
  • Stick to a simple colour scheme.
  • Auto-generate usernames and passwords.

Simplify Your Lead Capture Form

Lead capture forms are an effective way to boost conversions. However, when executed poorly they can be counterproductive. 

Like a complicated website, visitors hate lead forms with too many required fields. A lead form that asks for too much information is a sure way to kill website conversions.

In most cases we recommend you request their name and email, if you ask for more  information, make sure it is essential to your marketing.  

Here are additional ways to create an effective lead capture form:

  • Compose a lead message that is clear, concise, and non-sales-y.
  • Offer something valuable and enticing — i.e, coupon code, free eBook, free audit.

Construct String Call to Actions

Plain call-to-action messages like “sign up” or “start trial” won’t help boost conversions. Instead, get a little creative with your CTA’s.

There are two main purposes of a call to action: 

  1. to tell someone what they should do 
  2. give them the motivation to do so

Many websites tell people what they should do, but they forget the why part. Without that, conversions won’t be as high as they could be. 

For example, Freshbooks know almost all small business owners are strapped for time. Freshbooks’ CTA focuses on that pain point.

Ecommerce Website Conversions
Tips to Improve Website Conversions 2

They highlight the pain point, and motivate the reader by including exactly how much time they can save you each year. 

Try it Out: What is Your Customer’s Pain Point?

Get More Website Conversions with Strong Digital

Crafting a digital strategy that will assist you in increasing your conversions, takes time and hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone.

The eCommerce experts Strong Digital are here to help you address existing issues and develop solutions. 
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