Technology Investment Boost for Small Business – Amplify your business

Is your website delivering the results you need? If not, then there’s no better time to take your online presence to the next level with the technology investment boost.

Lee Rutten
Lee RuttenApril 8, 2022

Here’s some good news for small businesses: the 2022 Federal Budget announcement includes a major boost for technology expenditure. The technology investment boost will help small businesses to stay competitive, attract new customers, and grow online. It’s more important than ever for small businesses to go digital, and this budget will help make that possible.

There are also funds set aside for website design and other online initiatives. The budget includes a $1 billion investment to help small businesses with an annual turnover of up to $50 million to help digitise their business. Additionally, for eligible expenditures up to $100,000, you will be able to claim a bonus 20% tax deduction. 

So what does that mean for you?

If you own a small business, it’s time to start thinking about how you can go digital. And if you’ve been thinking about getting a new website, there’s no time like the present. After all, your website is like your virtual home base – it’s where people go to learn more about you and your business. And just like your real-life home, you want to make sure that your website is comfortable, inviting, and easy to navigate. But most importantly, you want it to reflect who you are and what you do. 

If you are a small business owner, now is the time to start planning how you will use this technology boost to take your business to the next level. Go digital and invest in website design.

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