Virtus OA Games 2022

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The Virtus Oceania Asia Games 2022 is all about inclusion. Imagine a world where everyone is included through sport. Where all athletes, regardless of age, gender, nationality and ability have equal opportunity to perform and be celebrated at the highest level of competition. This is the mission that Virtus, Sports Inclusion Australia & the OA Games are pushing forward.

Early on, when we first met with the organising committee behind the games, it was evident that our values aligned. We worked with them to develop a visual identity that supported their existing collateral and brand, helping to put consistency in all of their event materials and marketing. We extended upon this by developing a comprehensive website that has evolved with the games, providing a source of truth and information for all involved.

We’re super proud of the work we’ve done with the OA Games team, and proud to be helping to drive inclusion through sport.

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