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Intelics is a Brisbane-based company that develops software for the mining industry to improve everyday tasks for workers in industrial workplaces. With a strong focus on supporting their users, Intelics is unique in that their products bridge the space between large enterprise software systems and what happens on the ground to create systems that bring together all data and are accessible from all web connected devices.

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Web Design &Amp; Brand Identity For Intelics, Brisbane Software Company

A whole new identity

We were engaged to develop a full identity system that reflected the company’s people-first mentality that could then be rolled out onto a brochure-style website to better inform potential leads.

The brand was required to retain the masculine attitude of the mining industry and reflect their attention to customer support in a way that could be flexibly applied to Intelics and it’s range of products.

Web Design For Intelics, Brisbane Software Company

Simplifying the unknown

Identifying Intelics’ unique differentiators as their down to earth approach and dedication to on the ground support, we developed the brand around geology and the visuals of sedimentary rock layers commonly associated with mining. This concept of uncovering and simplifying the unknown (Intelics offers clarity and clear solutions for complicated mining processes) was applied to the identity through soft gradient blends and clean typography.

The logotype uses custom letterforms with rounded edges to project an approachability while maintaining a clean presence that works with the full range of software applications.

Rich rust tones and deep blues reflect the iconic Australian mining landscape and are applied over photographic imagery in gradients that suggest a downward movement deep into the earth. Icon buttons were similarly developed for Intelics’ multiple software programs and used gradients with a uniting blue colour scheme with additions of colours inspired by Australian native flora to differentiate applications.

The website serves as a clean, one-page introduction that can be scanned through quickly at industry events by potential clients.

A suite of custom icons were created to be used across the website as well as various Intelics software applications.

Graphic Design Of Icons For Intelics, Brisbane Software Company
Graphic Design Of Style Guide For Intelics Brisbane