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Website Redesign brisbane
Web Design — March 12, 2021

Is it time for a Website Redesign?

A website has the potential to be one of the most powerful, sales and marketing tools a business can own.

It is the face of your business, showcasing the products and services you sell. If you are looking to grow market share and maintain a competitive edge, then how you position yourself online is more important than ever.

Dark vintage circus image for article about brand authenticity
Brand Identity — February 19, 2021

Brand Authenticity in Web Design: Creating the Perfect Brand Story

Authenticity when it comes to brand persona is essential. Your brand culture will embody the core values of your business, and it’s imperative to remain consistent and authentic throughout. Not only should your web design encompass your brand. But, it’s typically the first impression you’ll give your website visitors and social media followers.  Your business […]

Dark vintage circus image for article about WordPress maintenance
Business · Ecommerce · Web Design — February 12, 2021

7 Expert Tips to Maintain Your WordPress Site

Once you build your WordPress website, you are only partially done. Think of it like buying a handheld razor: buying the handle is just the beginning. You need to change and buy blades regularly to keep a clean shave.  The same is true for your website: The real work begins once the site is live. Below, […]